Ruhan Du Toit Monumental Download & Review

  • Artist: Ruhan Du Toit
  • Track Title: Monumental
  • Album: Monumental
  • Genre: R&B/Country Music
  • Featuring: None
  • Released: 2020
  • Country: South Africa
  • Producer: Unknown

“Monumental” is Afrikans country music recording by the popular South African singer, composer and producer Ruhan Du Toit, released in the early days of July 2020 off the album of the same name. The song features vocals and performance from Ruhan Du Toit and himself alone, it’s been selected for documentation on our Platform.

For many that may not know, Ruhan Du Toit is a top Afrikaans musician who has been at this game for a while and one of his new singles Monumental at the time of documenting seems to be taking a whole new dimension in attracting music lovers attention most especially the fellow Afrikaans and mostly many country music lovers across the world.

In case you want our review of this single, well, I will say it’s sure a good song, I mean like I mentioned above that the song is gaining traction you all know a shitty song can’t gain traction can it? Unless of course it’s art anything can be shitty according to the listeners taste. But really I will suggest you take a listen.

Stream And Download Ruhan Du Toit Monumental On Apple Music


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