Good day to you all, we are back with another edition of the top sa hip-hop songs 2020 for the month of June like we do every month we create the best and biggest south African hip hop songs of the month all which are majorly new releases. In case you’re wondering were there a lot of rap songs released in South Africa this month well I can surely tell you is quite a bunch and I must say many of them are good which is why we’ve done our job by collecting all the best together and by that I mean the top ten sa hip-hop songs of June 2020.

I would like to inform you there were quite a lot of big artists that released songs this month including the likes of nasty c and many others. Like I have always said I don’t think african artists are letting the coronavirus pandemic stop them from dropping jams and by that I mean potential hit songs like the ones we’ve listed below enjoy yourself browsing through at list. In case you don’t know the contents on the list below or let me rephrase the songs below were selected on their popularity since release this month and also the versatility and quality of the song itself based on editor’s judgement

List Of The Top 10 SA Hip Hop Songs 2020

Manu WorldStar – Choko

Well you all know Manu worldstar he has been in the game for a while okay maybe not all of you know him but most hip-hop heads know who Manu is the man is currently killing It and the rap music scene, with this new release his fans must be happy they are finally getting a single from the rap artist since he has mostly shown or featured on other people’s track this year.

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Nasty C Ft. DJ Whoo Kid – Not The Same

This is a special one I particularly picked this one out off the new album oh sorry mixtape from nasty c and DJ whoo kid which was released like a week ago or two weeks ago I think. Is this particular song I think is the best on the mixtape it’s just my opinion, and it looks like it is actually the most streamed since release based on digital stats

Gwamba – Own Time ft. Emtee

I will admit this is a good one from Gwamba titled my Own Time featuring the one and only Emtee, I must say this is a wise choice of collabo and I encourage them to work together more, my own time is that kind of song that gets you all hyper and emotional at the same time. Brilliant lines from Emtee and Gwamba himself. Definitely one of the top sa hip-hop songs of June 2020

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Malome Vector – Dumelang ft. Blaq Diamond

After featuring on that dope track by miss Pru DJ released couple weeks ago, I guess Malome Victor decided he will be dropping his own very dope track on which he collaborates with blaq diamond again to give you that beautiful, subtle and Gangster hip hop sound like they did on the previous track I mentioned I must say they are successful because I loved what I heard

Dr Mbongeni Ngema – Freedom Is Coming Tomorrow Remix

This one is a definite attention grabber yeah I really mean it. I mean when you feature the entire half of the SA hip-hop music scene you actually get some attention most especially when they are all buzzing right now this is a remix to the umm.. old song by the Legendary singer Mbongeni decided to recreate it with today’s stars to relate with the younger generation

Nasty C – Eazy

Nasty c is arguably south Africa’s most engaged rapper right now the coolest kid in Africa seems to want to remain cool why not starving his fans with new contents. He dropped a mixtape this month and two other singles earlier before the mixtape and I must say this is a good one most certainly one of the top South African hip-hop songs 2020 released in June

DJ Zan D – Why You Mad ft. Gigi Lamayne

After disappearing from the music scene a while DJ Zan D returns with a fresh and beautiful collabo with Gigi lamayne and honestly to all the fans I can say for sure it worth the wait because I really enjoyed listening to this piece of music. With the arrangement of the melodies and lyrics I’m pretty sure any hip hop music lover will appreciate

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Ricky Tyler – Everything

This new guy Ricky Tyler seem to be a real hard worker with his consistent release of new music one can say he is here to stay. This song is not really much of an hip-hop song but it’s got the hip-hop vibe there was less rap but I can say as an hip hop head or at least a good music lover you will like this one so I recommend you this new track because we have kicked it as one of the best sa hip-hop songs of June 2020 yeah have a nice time listening to it

Nasty C – They Don’t ft. T.I

This joint was created after the whole George Floyd trouble or should I say mess which took place last month into June. Song was released days after and most people really appreciated and several American media platforms shared positive reviews about the song for obvious reasons I guess. The song talks about racial injustice and sending the positive message of love and care for all