Zandie Khumalo Ngijabule Kabi Download & Review

  • Artist: Zandie Khumalo
  • Track Title: Ngijabule Kabi
  • Album: Single
  • Genre: Maskandi
  • Featuring: None
  • Released: 2020
  • Country: South Africa
  • Producer: Donle

“Ngijabule Kabi” is a Maskandi song recording from top South African music artist, singer and vocalist Zandie Khumalo. It is song put out as single on the 13th of June 2020. It is one of the few Maskandi songs entering our database for this month.

Zandi Khumalo is one of the few artists out there who have stuck to their sound and music genre in these times of doing what is popular in the South African music industry. The Maskandi genre over the last 2 years have grown more popular that it has ever been in this new modern pop culture. Maskandi for me has never been the most appealing sound and I guess I will never be interested in that music style but for people are chronic fans and addict to the Maskandi songs I bet you will like this. I mean whenever I listen to other artists drop their Maskandi songs it always sound so crude unrefined and even boring. But I think this is more of upbeat all made in local dialect so if you are a big local language singing fan you will like it.

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And not forgetting another important fact, Zandie Khumalo is a star it’s almost as if all the artists who bares the name Khumalo are big names in the music industry, so in most cases when a big artist does a not very popular genre often she gets better and bigger at it. I will say that is what you should expect from this interesting track. The vocals sound good but not great owing the non greatness to not very good mixing I guess, but the production I guess is a good one.

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